Binding Place, People & Stories together

Stitch delivers projects and performances curated (commissioned) by participants. Working cross art form, Stitch use the restorative power of storytelling to build up the voice of both the individual and their community to create a world in which they are proud to belong. 

We are storytellers, singers, theatre makers, movers, writers, collaborators, artists, dreamers, makers and doers.

We have delivered and designed workshops for Older Adults, Young People, Children, Communities, Companies, ESOL Students and Families.

We have worked in schools, libraries, markets, galleries, museums, theatres and community centres. We have performed outdoors in fields, forests and parks come rain or shine.

We believe in the right to fail, to begin again, challenging perceptions, building bridges, listening and providing a platform to be heard.

We do this with pen and paper, recordings and conversations, computers and questions, photographs and paintings, movement and voice.

We stitch all these things together with love, humour and authenticity.

Autumn Newsletter

A big, big thank you! Over the last 6 months you have helped us build Stitch from an idea in our heads to something that we can all share in. From creative challenges, to audio tales and our first Story Circle, you have made this

A Coffee For a Tale

We usually work in museums, art galleries, heritage sites and arts centres. Then Covid 19 hit the UK went into lockdown, and all our usual story telling venues shut up shop.

So we ate some chocolate, and we had a little panic and we scratched our head and we may have cried and we told some stories and some people told us their stories and that is where we discovered Stitch. It had been there

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